BGC Hosts Fourth Global Charity Poker Event In France

Paris, FRANCE – May 18, 2006 – BGC, a leading inter-dealer brokerage firm providing integrated voice and electronic services to the wholesale fixed income, interest rate, foreign exchange and derivatives markets worldwide, today announced that another successful Texas ‘hold‘em’ charity poker event was hosted to raise money for charities within the many communities in which it does business.

BGC’s fourth global charity poker event took place on 10th and 11th May at the George V hotel in Paris as part of a series of worldwide charity events in various cities throughout 2006. The Paris event was attended by clients of BGC and follows successful events jointly hosted by BGC and its technology provider eSpeed since 2005 in London, New York and Chicago.

In keeping with BGC’s previous prize to the winner, a total of €15,000 was donated to the chosen charity by the winner on each night. The winner from Wednesday’s event selected Centre Francais Protection de l’Enfance, whilst Thursday’s winner selected the organization Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel. All participants were given a bank of “charity chips” to begin each tournament.

Further charity poker events are planned to take place during 2006 and additional cities being considered by BGC and eSpeed, include Hong Kong and Singapore. The individuals with the highest chip counts from each city will be invited to participate in the championship final, which will take place in Las Vegas, NV later this year.

Shaun Lynn, President of BGC, said, “It gives us real pleasure to host these memorable events and I would like to thank our clients once again for taking part. We look forward to our grand finale in Las Vegas, and continuing our charitable support throughout the year and beyond. ”

Chaim Buchinger, Administrative Director of Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel, one of the selected charities, said, “We are very grateful for this donation which will go a long way in helping those in poverty who rely on our services to make their lives a little brighter.

Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P. and its affiliates, which includes eSpeed, Inc., and BGC, held their Fourth Annual Charity Day on September 12, 2005, and raised over $6 million dollars, the proceeds of which were donated to those families who lost loved ones due to Hurricane Katrina, families of people lost on September 11, 2001, leukemia and cancer research, as well as a variety of other charities.

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Meir Panim
The Meir Panim Relief Centers in Israel comprise a total of 28 facilities that were established in order to provide free, high quality food to those in need in the most dignified manner, to make available to the needy public basic household equipment, and to provide thousands of disadvantaged schoolchildren with a hot meal a day. Meir Panim’s aid extends to all classes of citizens alike without discrimination, including immigrants, native Israelis, the elderly and handicapped and families of terror victims whose financial state has deteriorated to rock bottom following their tragedy. For more information, please

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