European Dry Bulk

BGC’s Dry Bulk team offers broking for futures and options contracts with a predominate focus on Thermal Coal and Iron Ore. Commodities has seen significant growth over the last few years at BGC, with Dry Bulk becoming an ever more important part of the commodities space. Our Dry Bulk team aim to leverage the Group’s expertise in the Energy sector to help provide superior market knowledge and execution for our clients. We offer a hybrid model of both voice and electronic execution, with all trades being cleared through ICE or CME.

Boom in Coal Derivatives

The derivatives market for the Dry Bulk space has seen rapid growth in recent years, with producers, utilities, banks, hedge funds and traders increasingly using these instruments to both hedge their positions and speculate on future price movements. This will continue as Dry Bulk shifted from OTC trading in recent years to offering fully cleared markets, which increased stability and risk management.


The Benefits of BGC

  • – High quality voice-based brokerage is being supplemented by electronic trading
  • – Reputation for integrity and ability to trade anonymous, cleared through the exchange houses.
  • – Seamless execution of futures and cross commodity options contracts
  • – Extensive knowledge in interrelated commodities markets


Contact Details

Telephone: + 44 (0) 207 894 8291

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